2007 will be the year that safe at-grade crossing at Race and Locust are near. 

Negotiations Crossing Final Hurdles! 

One year after CSX vowed to City Council that it would “soften the impact” of its trains, we
find CSX and the City are FINALLY close to a settlement agreement that would allow the at-grade
entrances to the Park at both Locust and Race Streets. It’s not final YET, but keep your fingers
“crossing”.  Read more on our blog.  Read the press reports great the news, Ronnie Polanecsky’s
Dec.19th column and the Inquirer’s Dec. 20th editorial here. Gwen Shafer’s January 10, 2006
Philadelphia Weekly’s feature here.

The Promenade b/w Chestnut and Market Street Bridges loses its defective steps and gains a ramp   
Diagnosed as a safety problem in June 2006 after Free Schuylkill River Park sent letters and emails
to several agencies, the Promenade was reconstructed during January 2007 in one swift week – A
complete re-opening will occur once new bollards are installed.  Thank you Schuylkill River
Development Corporation, Army Corps of Engineers and Fairmount Park.  We breathe easier knowing this
area of the park is now safe for bikers and runners!

Friends of Schuylkill River Park Plans of the link to Schuylkill River TrailView Plans: Friends of
Schuylkill River Park Master Plan with link to the Schuylkill River TrailThis is a prelimenary plan
in accordance with the tentative agreement between the CSX and the City Law Department for CSX to
permit the installation of the at-grade crossings at Locust and Race Streets and to facilitate the
funding of a pedestrian bridge to connect the two Schuylkill River Parks. Landscaping from Race to
MLK DriveView Plans:Schuylkill River Trail Race to MLK, MLK Plaza and overlook, MLK Plaza and Vine
Fishing Pier and MLK TrellisConditional final approval granted to the Schuylkill River Development
Corporation for the landscaping concepts for the north end of Schuylkill River Park (between Race
Street and Martin Luther King Drive) by the Fairmount Park Commission. Only a change of the unsafe
MLK Plaza design presents for bicyclist, rollerbladers, skateboarders and baby strollers was
considered from the November 16, 2006 Public Meeting of Park Users’ suggestions.  Read the
suggestions  Your comments are welcomed on our message board.

For 2006 Race Results, Photos and more, click here     An Outstanding Success -Thank You To All
Participants and Thank You To All Our Sponsors

Paradin’ On The River 2006  click here

Rainbow over the Schuylkill–submitted by Rivers Edge resident

Freight Trains still block access to the Schulkill River Park Trail. These trains have disrupted
 Park and Trail use during the week and on weekends.  Trains have fouled the air with the smell of
rotting garbage and fouled the air with diesel exhaust from idling droning locomotives. Do not let
CSX spoil your use of the waterfront! Report Blocked Access Here View Crossings on TrainCam here    
CSX Carries Hazardous Materials Through Philadelphia Neighborhoods

Front Page Exposé on Hazadous Material in December 2, 2005 Inquirer Read it here.  Watch video of
CSX transporting tankcars of lethal chlorine gas by the Schuylkill Banks Download video (6 MB)
Broadband Only – 40 seconds to download Garbage Trains – Report to PA DEP trains parked for 4+

Weekends call 484-250-5900, Weekdays call 484-250-5991, Send a complaint form here CSX Approved
Grade Crossing in Jacksonville, FloridaWhy isn’t what’s good enough for Jacksonville good enough for
Philadelphia! Several miles from CSX’s Corporate Headquarters is an active rail line that crosses
the Jacksonville-Baldwin Trail, a recreational trail like Schuylkill River Park Trail,   Click here
to see photo slide show of the crossing, (please excuse the advertising).  Click Here for Examples
of Safe Pedestrian Crossings Rails to Trails Conservancy Releases Safety At Grade Crossing Report

Commissioned by Free Schuylkill River Park and supported by the William Penn Foundation in
2005, This survey examines existing rail-trail crossings in Pennsylvania and other
states, documenting their safety history.  Read it here.

CSX Filed Federal Lawsuit Against the City of Philadelphia to Barricade the Park at Race and Locust
Streets (October 2004)

Read the CSX Lawsuit page for all the information. Please help Free Schuylkill River Park win the
fight to preserve street level access by making a donation today!  Click Here

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